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IFFCO supplies specialty fats to chocolate and confectionary industry with highly specialized cocoa butter alternatives of premium functionality. The products offer advantages like steeper melting profile, improved shelf life with cost effective attributes. We offer advanced vegetable fats as replacer of the traditional cocoa butter. 
Our Cocoa Butter alternatives come in two ranges: Cocoa Butter Substitutes (CBS), Cocoa Butter Replacers (CBR)
These fats are used in the making of chocolates and  pralines as they crystallize faster than cocoa butter and therefore give a better utilization of the cooling system, ensuring a better and more stable product.

  • Cocoa Butter Substitutes
    • These are lauric based, hardened, non tempered fats with not more than 0.5% trans fat. Our CBS has fast crystallization property at lower viscosities. These fats are not compatible with cocoa butter and may only be used in formulations with very low content of cocoa butter. 
      IFFCO PKCBS range of fats available in various melting points giving choice to our customers to opt for best fat replacer as per desired application. 
      Our products in this category are 

      Sub Applications Products Characteristics Pack Size
      Chocolate compound and Enrobing Fat IFFCO PRO PSCO 32
      Lauric based premium quality CBS. Good elasticity. Excellent gloss retention. 20 kg carton
      Cake Coating & Confectionary Fat (CBR) IFFCO RCOFL 38 Non lauric based fractionated fat. Excellent gloss retention. 20 kg carton