Oils & Fats
Filling / Cream Fat

IFFCO produces a specific range of filling fats which are; Lauric, non – lauric, blend of both. Hydrogenated, non hydrogenated and interesterified. Variety of filling/creaming fats is having different characteristics contingent upon the end product application. Product that requires hard filling, soft filling, creamy smooth filling, with cooling sensation, having good flavour release, or requires to settle down in shortest time on the product after depositing. 
IFFCO filling fats offer low saturated fats and also have products with zero trans fat. They are used in a wide variety of filling applications like toffee and biscuit filling or as spread fats. They are also used for enrobed filling for both soft and hard enrobing as well as for fillings which have cooling effects.

  • Applications of our Filling Fats
    •  Sub-Applications  Products  Characteristics  Pack Size
      Biscuit Filling IFFCO PRO CRF TFF
      IFFCO CRF 38
      Emulsified non lauric filling fat. Good aeration property. Less volume of fat in composition. 20 kg carton
      Filling Fat IFFCO CRF 33
      IFFCO CRF 20
      Highly structured fats produced by enzymatic Interesterification. These speciality fats extend the shelf life of filled chocolate products without compromising the overall product quality. 20 kg carton
      Toffee Fat IFFCO PRO ICMP 12 Low trans lauric based fat. Excellent melting profile. 20 kg carton
      Soft Filling, Confectionary Spreads IFFCO CFF100 A non trans, non lauric fat for soft fillings & confectionary spreads 190 kg Drum
      Filling IFFCO PRO ICMP 35 Hardened lauric fat. Excellent melting profile. Fast crystallization. 20 kg carton
       Enrobed Filling, Filling with cooling effect IFFCO PRO ICMP 32 Hardened lauric fat. Excellent melting profile. Fast crystallization. 20 kg carton
      Icing Shorting IFFCO IC NH 100 Emulsified with good consistency. Good melting profile 20 kg BIB