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  • IFFCO PRO CFF Series:
    Non hydrogenated, Trans fat Free solutions for confectionary spread manufacturers. CFF range helps prevent oil separation in confectionary spreads. It is effective even in high quantities of nut paste inclusions and offers good resistance to heat abuse. CFF series of spread fats provides clean mouth feel and excellent shelf life stability.
    CRF 33 & CRF 20:
    Trans Fat Free structured fats designed for premium fillings that contain high amounts of nuts or liquid oils. These specialty fats extend shelf life of the filled chocolate products with excellent melting profile and also reduce the speed of oil migration. They are highly versatile in case of Praline or fat phase fruit fillings, Aerated fillings and soft glaze for cupcakes.
    ICM 100 & ICM 200:
    ICM 100 & ICM 200 are highly functional structured fats which act as coconut oil replacer in a wide range of applications. The Trans & GMO free fats is ideal for Ice cream mass & coating, Biscuit filling & coating and can also be used in as filling fat for compound chocolates and wafer fillings.
    DFS 100:
    Trans-fat Free, non-hydrogenated Donut frying shortening. Has excellent oxidative stability, fast crystallization and enhances the natural taste of the donuts.
  • Flour for QSR
    • Pizza Flour(May 2014)
    • Bun FLour(Feb 2014)
    • Doughnut flour(Nov 2013)
    • Batter Flour(April 2013)
    Health/Nutrient based products
    • Multigrain atta(Dec 2012)
    • Omega 3 atta(Dec 2012)
    Flour for Industries
    • Digestive Biscuit flour(April 2014)
    • Pizza Dusting Flour(March 2014)
    • Cake flour(Feb 2014)
    • Specialized cracker flour(Dec 2013)
  • Pristine Gold topping :
    A premium topping with low sugar and high fat content. Pristine gold topping has a smooth creamy texture, light mouth feel giving a great fresh taste. Easy to pipe with excellent spreadability, Ideal for decorating cakes, filling pastries, Mousses, Desserts & Decorating hot drinks.